Boris Papandopulo (1906-1989)

One of the most prolific of Croatian composers was the colorful personage of maestro Papandopulo, who began as a choir master and conductor in Split, Rijeka, Sarajevo and Zagreb.  He wrote over 200 compositions including stage works, orchestral pieces, chamber music and various works which feature solo instruments.  In his piano compositions one finds many of the characteristic features of his musical style: use of folk music elements, extended tonalities (twelve tone), and an emphasis on virtuosity.  Papandopulo wrote many types of vocal pieces: the short solo song to the cantata, oratorio, and one full-scale mass.  His Rhapsody Concertante for Cello and Piano features characteristic scales and modes similar to the Roma (Gypsy) scales (augmented intervals), and in a rubato musical style linked to the gypsy mode of performance.  The Danza movement is in the feel of a kolo or village dance interrupted by moments of repose heard in lyrically written passages in the cello.  Papandopulo wrote the Solo Cello Rhapsody in 1987 for Janice and dedicated it to her following her visit in 1985 to Zagreb and to Boris’ village of Tribunj.

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