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Heather Jenkins, harpist, received her degree in harp performance from Indiana University, Bloomington, a Bachelor of Arts from University of Southern California and a Master's degree from California State University Northridge.  Her credentials include:  elementary education for severely handicapped; advanced certificate in Trans-disciplinary Intervention, a CLAD certificate and a Kindermusik certificate for ages 0-5.  Heather is a special education teacher and has also taught bilingual education programs.  As a harpist, she has studied with such greats as Susan McDonald, Verelye Mills, Stella Castellucchi, Jack Latimer, Joanne Turovsky and Lou Ann Niell.   Heather has performed with:  the Louisville and Evanston Orchestras, and with the Ventura and L.A. Solo Repertory Orchestras.  She freelances and for many years was performing at the Bob Burns Restaurant in Woodland Hills.  Heather and Dr. Janice Foy founded the Ascending Wave musical group in 1993.

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