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The New American Quartet was founded by Dr. Janice Foy, ‘cellist, in 1994 (after the Northridge earthquake!), the year they premiered a cross-cultural work for Middle Eastern Oud & Strings with virtuoso soloist, John Bilezikjian. Since then they have done Master Classes, school assembly concerts & made appearances on College campuses; England and West Wales Tour in ‘97; cross-cultural concerts at Carpenter Hall & Cal Poly Pomona (So. Indian); TV appearances on Friends, Seinfeld & Pearl; concerts for the Sierra Club & Diplomatic circles; programs for the Sierra Club, Westlake Village Cultural Foundation, fundraising efforts for the Crippled Children's Society, and the Huntington Memorial Hospital; special concerts at the Braille Institute, Los Angeles Piano Club, Rose Garden of Exposition Park for Mother's Day; Kaiser Permanente and NEH grant lecture/demos for the 'Mozart Effect' at CSUN Cultural Center and the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center; various concerts at the Motion Picture and TV Home, plus an invitation from Princess Cruises to open the Dawn Princess Line. Their CD, “A Nod to Moussorgsky” is available here.  Longtime arranger to ‘Doc Severinsen’s Big Band’ of J. Carson fame, Shelly Cohen, has been the quartet’s “in-house” arranger since its inception, with over 100 arrangements.



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